Monday, April 26, 2010

Time for national ID is here | Put Visa in charge of it | Solve illegal immigration

Visa can track the fact that I spent $1.35 in Kansas last Thursday. If my visa card is stolen, they shut it off in minutes. Visa's anti-fraud measures are excellent. Require ID to vote get job or for public services A national ID with a magnetic strip would prevent illegals from getting jobs and also prevent voter fraud and a plethora of other problems. I would also make it a felony for employers to hire someone without such an ID.

I used to be opposed to a national ID for all the Orwellian reasons, but I think the time has come. This would help prevent the Democrat's interesting polling practices and instantly reduce the influx of illegals. No ID card, no job, no social services. The illegal problem would go away. A fence would not even be needed.

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