Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Perfect storm for socialism

I think the millions of useful idiots is a key ingredient. I am always amazed by those who are shocked, yes shocked, at the things Obama has done since becoming president. He has acted precisely as would be expected according to his background. To think otherwise you would have had to be, well-- an idiot. The good news, I think, is that a lot of folks are waking up to the Democrats hard left agenda. Had Obama not tacked so hard to the left, he may have more easily implemented his leftist agenda.

"The storm has continued to gather strength from a Democrat majority in congress, the liberal media, a deepening economic recession, and constant congressional hearings attacking everything to do with capitalism. Add in the millions of useful idiots among us who don't have a clue about what President Obama is intending on doing to America, and you have the making of a perfect storm to socialism."

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