Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Paul Krugman: plays the race card yet again

Elitist liberal, Paul Krugman, writes that, "the right has an awesome ability to create its own reality", when discussing Mitch McConnell's opposition to nationalizing, I mean reforming, the financial sector. He then throws in a few zingers how the right is just racist, and this is why they oppose financial reform.

The only folks I notice who see race over substance are liberals, especially elitist liberals such as Krugman. Does this make him a racist? I don't know, he does seem preoccupied by race, some might call that racist. If you disagree with Krugman's "truth" you are surely a racist or mentally deficient in some other way. Because his truth is - well - is the truth.

Here is a little graph showing the reality of the left's work on the deficit. In the left's world "Bushes wars" ran up the national debt and Democrats are fiscally responsible. The graph below shows that Bushes deficits were chump change compared to Obama's. The left must be "creating their own reality".

NYT, Paul Krugman Plays the Race Card.... Again
Paul Krugman WRITES: "And let’s be clear: there’s a sort of tribal thing going on (and I don’t necessarily mean race, although that’s part of it)."

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