Saturday, April 24, 2010

Like the outdoors? Thank hunters, not environmentalist whacko pansies

I am a hunter and buy at least one in state or out-of-state elk tag every year. My in-state tags only cost around $60.00, but even at that rate, I was well aware that hunters and fisherman foot the bill for nearly the entire Colorado Division of Wildlife’s budget. Last year I hunted in Wyoming so I had the privilege of paying $560.00 for a cow tag. I am not complaining, I was happy to do it, and had a great hunt. In addition to the price of the tags, I also spend several hundred dollars on equipment and supplies.

The same city dwelling, enviro girly-men, who love to pontificate on how we must save the planet, I would be willing to bet, despise hunters. It is us, the hunters and fisherman, who are footing the bill. Take that you Alan Alda loving greenies. Now where’s my rifle, I am going to go shoot some sustenance.

Read the whole article that I have linked to. It goes through hunter’s contributions to the outdoors and wildlife , over the years.
Amwerican Thinker, Humberto Fontova WRITES:
As mentioned, just last year, hunters and fishermen (not birdwatchers, not rock-climbers, not kayakers, not nature-hikers) "contributed" $1.5 billion "big ones," "dollarinies," "donuts" (to quote Steve Martin as The Jerk) to purchase and maintain places for greenie-weenies to frolic and nature-watch.

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