Sunday, April 4, 2010

Healthcare reform won Tonya Harding style- Obama struts

Frank Rich writes of Obama's new found confidence after healthcare's passage. Obama is swaggering around as if he won something. The truth is, he did not win anything. When you have to lie, cheat, and connive to reach a goal, did you win? I do not think so. Obama and the Democrats won healthcare reform's passage Tonya Harding style. We will see what the voters say in November.
NOT since Clark Kent changed in a phone booth has there been an instant image makeover to match Barack Obama’s in the aftermath of his health care victory. “He went from Jimmy Carter to F.D.R. in just a fortnight,” said one of the “Game Change” authors, Mark Halperin, on MSNBC. “Look at the steam in the man’s stride!” exclaimed Chris Matthews. “Is it just me, or does Barack Obama seem different since health care passed?” wrote Peter Beinart in The Daily Beast, which, like The Financial Times, ran an illustration portraying the gangly president as a newly bulked-up Superman.

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