Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ed Perlmutter (D CO) needs to update his web site: major health care votes are missing

Votes through the beginning of December are all there, but strangely, the major health votes are missing. Just an oversight I am sure. His staff has likely just been busy fielding all the calls thanking Ed for his "yea" vote on health care.

The screen clipping below, taken 4/27/10, from Democrat Congressman Permutter's web site, shows his latest publicized votes. If you're curious, he has been a Democrat leadership rubber stamp vote 100% of the time.

You can compare Ed's voting record with Nancy Pelosi's by clicking here. I find it odd that apparently, in Ed's mind, according to the way he votes, his Colorado constituents interests are the same as Nancy Pelosi's San Francisc, California constituents. Who would have thought!

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